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      Automatic Milling Flat Machine

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      Automatic ChamferingMachine

      Automatic Drilling Machine
      Automatic Tapping Machine
      Servo Slotter Machine
      Double Milling Flat Machine
      Servo Drilling machine
      RotaryTable machine
      Cross Milling Slot Machine
      Products 》》Rotary table machine--rotary transfer machine 

      Disc machine,Non standard automatic cutting machine

      rotary transfer machine :
      Features:A rotary transfer machine is a machine tool, typically for metal working by machining, comprising a large indexing table with machining stations surrounding the table. Such rotary transfer machines are used for producing a large lot of parts in fairly short cycle times.In rotary transfer machines, the workpieces are located and clamped in pallet type fixtures that are indexed in a circular path. During one cycle, sequential machining operations are performed simultaneously on the workpieces. The indexed table turns vertically or horizontally, and its movement could be continuous or intermittent. As the indexing table turns, the subsequent machining operation is repeated on the workpiece which was just machined by the previous station. This design combines automated part feed with simultaneous operations, enabling rapid completion of parts.
      Rotary table  processing machine is the most efficient processing machinery, processing in the manufacture of small parts, the time required for each piece of about 2 to 6 seconds in the same size of mass production manufacturing, this machine a 24-hour non-stop work, she is currently the world without their similar machinery can compete with it.
      The following points are
      Rotary table machine  features:
      1, the use of materials processing before it can be used rods (round, hexagonal or octagonal stick only) or coil.
      2, copies were cut dial time 0.5 seconds.
      3, the mechanical steering of the workpiece spindle head can be rotated 180 degrees and the other end of the processing.
      4,12 station can be processed simultaneously, this way, you can put all the workpiece machining time were cut into 12 equal parts, so processing speed, yield amazing.
      5, the Swiss mechanical process resulting in mechanical precision and durable.
      Disc machine can perform the following machining:
      a. drilling b. turning c. Tapping d. Milling e. exterior teeth f. cutting inside and outside the groove g. 2 or 3-way side-drilled holes h. multifaceted turning
      Automatic rotary transfer machine  set plus machine tools, processing machines replace paddlewheel best equipment, high-quality, high-precision, high-efficiency processing of various metals copper and aluminum parts and machinery-related parts. Mechanical processing such as: turning, milling surface, milling, drilling, tapping, molding. Multi-directional processing, product complete one cut, do not do secondary processing. Processing materials such as; iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, optional automatic loading and unloading system. High affinity disc interface, beginners are easy to operate. The workstation can be equipped with different functions, such as: car sales, drilling, milling, face milling to do the project design.
      Model ZHBS-GS-006-1 ZHBS-GS-006-2 ZHBS-GS-006-3
      Hydraulic motors 4P 4KW 4P 5.5KW 4P 5.5KW
      Drilling motor 4P 1.5KW 4P 2.2KW 4P 4KW
      Tapping motor 4P 1.5KW 4P 2.2KW 4P 4KW
      Max diameter 20MM 30MM 60MM
      Maximum machining length 100MM 100MM 100MM
      The average processing speed 8 seconds 10 seconds 10 seconds
      Processing materials iron, copper, aluminum, stainless steel
      Machine size 2100×1900×2150 2100×1900×2250 2300×1900×2250