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      Automatic Milling Flat Machine

      Automatic Slotter Machine

      Automatic ChamferingMachine

      Automatic Drilling Machine
      Automatic Tapping Machine
      Servo Slotter Machine
      Double Milling Flat Machine
      Servo Drilling machine
      RotaryTable machine
      Cross Milling Slot Machine
      About Us
             Boosum Technology Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., founded in 2008, is committed to manufacturing all kinds (including special specifications) single, bilateral milling flat, slotted, drilling, tapping and chamfering metal, metal parts Processing machinery, set product development, manufacturing, sales as one. Products include cross slotting machine, parallel milling flat machine, turntable processing machine (multi-station processing machine), hydraulic lathes and so on.
              Products with high precision, high efficiency, high rigidity, high speed and other characteristics, the machine tool market has occupied an important position. Since its inception, the business in Taiwan, mainland China and exported to Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia and other countries.
             "Boosum technology" has been adhering to the "integrity-based, sustainable development" business philosophy, and ongoing research and development and product innovation, so that customers in the processing of precision, efficiency can be improved by leaps and bounds. We provide our customers with a wide range of engineering solutions, including: motor shaft, printer shaft, facsimile shaft, copier shaft, paper money dispenser, chain shaft, IPhone power plug, air conditioning shaft .... All kinds of electrical equipment and other innovative products. "Boosum technology" solutions are widely used in the following industries: electronics, electrical appliances, communications hardware, industrial equipment, aviation, aerospace, automotive, buses, yachts, medicine ...
                Service Mission: in good faith-based, customer satisfaction for the purpose of service.

                Business philosophy: the advantages of cost-effective, good quality, high-quality services, this is our business philosophy.