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      Product Shows 》》Pneumatic double chamfering machine

      Pneumatic double chamfering machine

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      Pneumatic double chamfering machine features:
      Pneumatic double chamfering machine
      Pneumatic double chamfering machine

      1, Double head pipe chamfering machine  can automatically feed, saving manpower;
      2, belt vibration Zhengliao ensure neat;
      3, Special design accurate and reliable feeding mechanism, the intermediate conveyor station according Tube OD select the desired type, the type is easy to save time on the exchange;
      4, super head design, solid fixed blade, an increase blade life;
      5, the two-stage feed speed, save time, and the slow easy stepless adjustment, processing perfection;
      6, heavy cast body strong and stable, can avoid machining vibrations.

      Pneumatic double chamfering machine
      Project ZH-BS50 Pneumatic double chamfering machine
      Host Motor Processing generally iron pipe 2×1.5kw/4p
      Machined aluminum or bronze tube 2×1.5kw/1.0,2/4p
      Processing of stainless steel pipe 2×1/0.75kw,4/8p
      Bit Tool Standard head, for diameter3/8"~2"O.D
      Working length According to customer requirements
      Compressed Air 0.6-0.8Mpa,120ml/min
      Weight 1150kg
      Machine size 2250×1200×1600mm

      Packaging & Delivery

      Packaging Details:

      Wooden Case and Tin Trunk

      Delivery Detail:

      30 days


      Chamfering Machine
      1)Chamfer size can be adjusted
      2)no burr on the both side of pipe mouth
      3)don't hurt the hands