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      Padlock automatic drilling machine Suitable for:
      This machine is a padlock on a dedicated machine, once all holes at the same time step processing to a padlock, achieved a one-time positioning guaranteed between cooperation and position accuracy, improved production efficiency, saving labor costs.
      Machine with servo motor driven rotary table, multiple fixtures simultaneously, CNC control, Taiwan imported linear Guide, high efficiency automatic machining, CNC programming control, easy to operate, easy to understand.
      Processing: automatic feeding, drill Center holes, drill 2 lock Liang Kong, twist the center hole, drilling water holes, drill lock beam holes drilled bolt holes, automatic discharging.
      Material: cast iron, copper, zinc alloy
      Processing range: arc padlock
      Productivity: 2800-3300 PCs/8 hours
      Relevant parameters:
      (1) Precision
      Using three chainring to do split-type positioning, high precision and long-term use will still maintain the original accuracy.
      (2) dial is not lifting action
      The use of three-type gear, in the implementation of action disk partition without vertical movement, so it will not be cutting water and swarf sucked into the machine body.
      (3) heavy cutting
      Using three-planar chainring plus powerful hydraulic locking device, positioning the week completely meshing tooth surfaces, and therefore have a high rigidity and resistance to heavy cutting.
      (4) and rotary inertia of the load off
      High torque, and smooth rotation of the buffer designed to accumulate high load carrying capacity, to provide a stable and smooth operation of the division precision and long life.
      Dial segmentation, high precision, strong grip and long life. Occlusion due to the way using engager segmentation method, the more so the more increased engagement with the precision, the segmentation accuracy is permanent.