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      Automatic double milling flat machine


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      Product Description:
      Automatic milling flat machine, milling machine, using the Japanese PLC control, hydraulic systems, can be used to processing needs milling flat, groove milling parts, such as: milling Slotted, Phillips milling, Milling the Quartet, etc., such models most appropriate size of the part material shape to do different designs, matching the corresponding power device to ensure the accuracy of processing, such parts are not the same shape, generally more appropriate discharge by hand, or by vibration plate vibration assisted vibration feeding, automatic completion of product precision machining equipment within + / -0.015, efficiency, depending on the product, usually in the 3000-12000 pieces per day.
      The device belongs to one of the secondary processing products, mainly in the automatic milling flat, automatic milling, automatic drilling holes, self-tapping, chamfering, necking based.
      Boosum technology automation equlpment Co.,Ltd., Specializes in producing automatic milling flat machine | Double edge milling machine | automatic milling machines | slotting machines | secondary processing machines, according to your needs to design and build various models dedicated machine.
      Automatic milling flat machine | Duplex Milling Machine | Automatic Milling Machine | slotting machines | secondary processing machine compact structure, precision + / -0.015. Equipment for the field (finance, electronics, electrical appliances, toys, non-metallic, automobiles, ships, aerospace and other), mainly used for automatic lathe machining precision car parts for subsequent processing, such as single / bilateral milling sectioned groove (parallel to the cutting, cross cutting , dividing cutting) and so on.
      Applies to: all kinds shaft / sleeve type parts (such as motor shaft, ATM automated teller machine shaft, Bank Note shaft axis digital cameras, laptops, printers, copiers shaft, shaft toys, all kinds of electronic communication products tuning shaft hinge shaft and shaft), electronic products radiator, power plug pins, lighting and other products precision parts. Improved processing platform can be achieved by appropriate processing of the different levels. Optimize your product mix, play more effective. Can also be completely customized according to your product requirements equipment, products can be round, you can choose according to your demand effective fit your own good helper!
      Parts suitable for face milling ends, slotting, such as D-type surface, parallel to the surface, slots, parallel grooves, etc.;
      Semi-automatic operation mode can be switched, save labor, a person can operate multiple devices;
      Spindle and slide are dovetail design, all using imported high quality ductile iron, to ensure stable operation of high-precision equipment for a long time;
      Equipped with a self-loop cooling cutting fluid filtration system can achieve excellent surface processing quality;
      Modular design, switch workpiece fixture and tool simply want to change, you can fast and precise switching;
      Machine is equipped with vibrating plate frame, integrated design compact appearance, small footprint;
      Tool speed is adjustable to accommodate parts high and low speed milling;
      Highest precision: + /-0.01MM.