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      Future of special machine tools

      Author:boosum     Date:2013-07-06

              Automatic milling machines, automatic milling machines and other automated machine tools flat, following the footsteps of reform and opening up, China has developed in the past 20 years, between the exclusive Gong broken, evolved into three foot Dingli trend, the development has is already crowded, fancy, automation equipment for the construction of China's rapid industrial development process made ??no small contribution. However, in the modernization process of information, the ruthless competition, so that these contributions but explicit is so tiny, helpless, so pale. Talking about the future development plans, and many colleagues expressed concern that these non-standard automation equipment research and development costs are high, the professional requirements for technical personnel is relatively high, the device production cycle is too long, low price, competition and large. What is the most expensive twenty-first century? Talents. Development of enterprises rely on talent, but the biggest problem China's machine tool business is unable to retain people. Someone once said that the machine is the manufacturing of the "agriculture", precisely because profit is too low result in lower personnel benefits, which is another example of a CNC machine tool enterprises in order to achieve large-scale development, must be in the brand, innovation under foot, in order to obtain high profits, NC talents to provide a good environment, but also for business people to make more contributions.

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