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      Secondary processing of non-standard cutting machine problems and respond Analysis

      Author:boosum     Date:2013-08-23

             China is the world machine tool production than any other country, but in the international competition in the market is still at a low level; Even if the domestic market is also facing a grim situation, on the one hand the domestic market for all kinds of machine products, particularly non-standard cutting tools have secondary processing a lot of demand, on the other hand there are a lot of poor sales backlog of domestic machine tool, machine tool products flooding the market abroad. 90 years abroad, secondary processing of non-standard cutting tools in China's market share is only about 15%, while 95 had reached 77%. Seriously affect the secondary processing of non-standard cutting tools for self-development momentum.
      This phenomenon, in addition to operational, manufacturing and marketing tool superior quality reasons, one main reason is that China's production of non-standard varieties of secondary processing cutting machine tools, performance and structure is not advanced, new products (including base type, variant and special machine tools) the development cycle, and thus can not be timely for the user's needs to provide satisfactory products. Specifically, this problem is reflected in the following five areas:
      (1) China's machine tool plant based products currently in development cycle of about 15 to 18 months, including the design time is about 5 to 8 months, about 40% of the total cycle. And some foreign advanced machine tool plant similar base-type product development cycle of 6 to 9 months, including the design of about 1.5 to 2 months, only 25 per cent. So whether it is the product development cycle or the total proportion of time are designed with foreign advanced level there is a big gap.
      (2) the design of the factory due to the lack of scientific analysis tools (such as analysis and evaluation of the software, the whole structure finite element analysis method and machine performance testing devices, etc.), self-developed new products are mostly based on experience and intuitive analog design, design time of success is reduced, often requires repeated trial to stereotypes, and thus may have missed an opportunity to market new products.
      (3) Depending on needs of users, often in order to make some special requirements, even when the product is about to put some users temporarily put forward some requirements, which require rapid variant design and modify the drawings and technical documents. In other countries, this modification work on the computer with the aid of only a few days to a week generally, and in China's machine tool plant with manual operation for at least 1 to 2 months, and because these drawings and documents involving multiple departments, often occur Drain and mistakes change phenomenon, affecting product quality and delivery time.
      (4) Now our plant design and process the majority of young people, their lack of professional knowledge and practical experience, but also charged with the development of the task.
      (5) As long-standing design, process and discrete manufacturing sector, the lack of effective collaborative development model can not develop programs from the outset into the various aspects of correct views, likely to cause repeated changes of products, extending the development cycle.
      To solve these problems, we must develop the whole process of product integrated application of computer technology, the development of optimization and simulation techniques to improve the performance of the product structure, and established based on concurrent engineering (Concurrent Engineering) for the design, engineering and manufacturing personnel work and knowledge shared virtual product development environment, using the corresponding virtual product development software, so as to effectively address the backwardness of product development, to enable enterprises to achieve good economic returns.

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