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      How to buy non-standard automation equipment

      Author:boosum     Date:2014-04-23

      Automatic milling machine equipment flat development in China so far, has been a non-standard technologies mature, with Japan's Mitsubishi PLC, Omron relay, Taiwan's Tatung motors, hydraulic valves and other Taiwan original, and high quality ductile fine grinding, turns out to be market-proven Yeah! However, due to intense market competition, part of the equipment manufacturer customers to competition, lower production costs, had to use poor quality parts to shoddy, assembly equipment, to configure just the price to customers who do not seek quality. The reason is what they want, one is willing to fight, one is willing to endure it! This eventually harm the genuine needs of manufacturers.
      In fact, do not worry too much, before the purchase of non-standard automation equipment attention to these issues can be, such as: asking specific configuration of equipment, accessories specific brand used, note the (current market cottage PLC, relays, hydraulic valves, and even motor) act as genuine counterfeit products are also other electrical accessories industry in China. Equipment manufacturers can request quotes when attached devices and accessories related parameters as well as names of origin, after all, after you purchase these products affect your production equipment to bring you unexpected things yo. There is a factory in person to see if the device manufacturer to see if the parts and equipment and steel structures used in their particular can really reach your needs. Finally, when signing the contract, the technical requirements and previously talked about as an annex to the contract equipment accessories to maximize the protection of your legal expedient to avoid unnecessary loss to you, after all, non-standard equipment production projects industry in the country is no specific norms and standards requirements, selection of suppliers must be careful comparisons through, assess their production capacity, technology and related qualifications.

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