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      Automatic Milling Flat Machine

      Automatic Slotter Machine

      Automatic ChamferingMachine

      Automatic Drilling Machine
      Automatic Tapping Machine
      Servo Slotter Machine
      Double Milling Flat Machine
      Servo Drilling machine
      RotaryTable machine
      Cross Milling Slot Machine

               BOOSUM can design and build your special purpose machines. Be it automated, hydraulic or     pneumatic customized. We will use customer specified quality material and parts. We have designed and  manufactured a wide range of special purpose machines for milling, boring, drilling, tapping, chamfering, reaming. From concept to installation we will work closely with our customer designing and building their high quality machines.

      BOOSUM has skilled designers and a team of dedicated employees to provide excellent customized products and service after the sale.

      Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fixtures
      Machine Tool Automation with PLC
      PLC Based Control Panels
      Touch Screen Controls with Multiply Language